Activities & Events

You do not need a car to visit the area, if you like to walk.


Transportation for the activities is provided, but there are also lots of things that you can do by yourself without the need of a car. We can provide you with maps that we specially made for our guests with all the important sights that you don't want to miss during your stay. We also prepared maps for hiking trips for you. There are different kinds of hikes possible in the area, some of them are for the more experienced hikers and others for shorter walks. Our place is ideal for relaxing, which our guests love doing, when they don't participate in one of the exciting activities that we offer. Please note that if you come without a car and you don't enjoy walking this place is not suitable for you. Most of our guests come without a car and love to walk places. It definitely gives you more options in exploring our beautiful region if you decide to rent a car. 


The Activities can be booked at the Guest house, the day before you want to do them. Our activities can be done either alone or in a group. Usually we can put a group of people together that are interested in the same activity. We can offer them at an unbeatable price because our area is not touristy at all. You can very easily pay double the price for the same kind of activity in areas such as Tuscany and Umbria.

The most popular activities are horseback riding, the visit to the cheese making shepherd and the cooking class.

If you are interested in the agricultural aspect of the area, depending on the season, we are happy to include you in that. You can take part in the grape harvest in the end of September and help us make our organic wine. In the end of October you can join in the olive harvest, then you can come with us to visit the olive press and see the fresh green extra virgin olive oil coming out of the press!