We have daily Yoga classes at Via Piana. Our beautiful Yoga teacher will help you relax and unwind mind, body, and soul while participating in a yoga class. Classes are suitable for people with a wide range of yoga experience, including beginners. We practise classical Hatha Yoga. The Yoga takes place in our little Yoga studio and maps are provided !


Horseback Riding

Explore one of the most beautiful valleys in the Abruzzi region from a horse! You will ride along a beautiful river, visit a 13th century church ruin, and have incredible views of an old castle and the surrounding area. The horses are friendly and well kept, and we can accommodate beginners or people with more experience. Price per person: One €45, two €36, three & up €30.

Visit the Local Shepherd

Take part in an old family tradition in the Italian countryside. The shepherd’s family has been making cheese and herding sheep for generations. You can watch the local shepherd and learn how to make pecorino cheese and fresh ricotta. If you want you may even join in and help with the cheese making. Price per person: one €35, two €24, three & up €18.




Wine tasting at Biodynamic Winery

At this special tour to DS BIO Winery we will discover a unique way of growing grapes. Young Entrepreneur Danilo has studied Enology in Bourdeaux, France. Afterwards he returned home with a vision to create a very different winery in this area. He makes wine based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture, that allows only minimal use of chemicals. He managed to bring a rare and autochthonic grapetype back to life and turned it into an excellent wine. He now exports all over the world while his business is growing.

This Activity includes a tour through the vineyard and wine cellar with explanations on biodynamic agriculture and the tasting of the 3 types of wine that this winery produces accompanied by various cold snacks.

Price is for one 35€ Euro, for two 30€ each, three or more 25 €. The tour takes approx. 2h.



The Cooking Class

The cooking class is held at an organic "Agriturismo" in the National Park. Learn how to make homemade pasta (using organic spelt flour, coming from spelt grains that the chef grows herself in the surrounding fields !) with fresh ingredients from the farm or pick one of the other options, the vegetable dishes cooking class or the one for desserts. Our professional chef Caterina will be your teacher and answer all your questions ! Price per person including dinner/lunch at the restaurant with additional dishes typically made by caterina: Price : €35 





Walking Meditation

A silent mindful walking in the idyllic Abruzzi National Park. Fully embracing the here and now, our breath, the beautiful Nature that surrounds us. Once at the top, we practice pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. This is a powerful tool to master unnecessary thoughts, reduce stress and anxiety, give balance and awareness to our life. An unforgettable experience to learn how to be deeply connected with yourself and with the world around.
Duration of tour: 2-3h
Price : 40 € for 1 person, 30€ for two or more.
This includes transport to the location where the trail starts.



Visit a Gelateria

Learn the secrets behind Gelato in this really fun activity. We will take you to one of the best Gelaterias in the area where they make traditional, authentic Gelato with fresh, genuine ingredients. You will get to see all the steps and you will be able to recognise a good ice-cream from a low quality one. Price per person including gelato tasting €18




Pizza Cooking Class

See how pizza is made in an old-fashioned traditional wood burning oven. Learn everything about Italian Pizza step by step starting with the dough and have fun choosing your own toppings for your favourite Pizza. Minimum 6 people. Price per person including food €30


Italian Language Course

Learning Italian will help you get around Italy while you are travelling! We offer classes for beginners or more advanced speakers. Spend a little bit of time learning the language of love.  Price per person: one €28, two €20, three & up €15.

   Italian language class


Fly through the sky and touch a cloud with your finger! Float above the mountains and the surrounding area in the Cassino valley with an experienced paragliding instructor. Specific weather conditions are needed to fly. Price per person: €110.


Waterfall Hike

Go for a walk in the beautiful Abruzzi National Park. Take a dip in the clear refreshing water at the waterfall

Walk along the beautiful valley of San Piedro in the Abruzzi National Park with a local guide. On the hike you will see the surrounding mountains, walk along a gorge, and visit a beautiful waterfall where you can swim in the refreshing water. Price per person: one €30, two €25, three or more €15.




Truffle hunting

Go truffle hunting with a local expert who trains dogs to find this special kind of fungus. You can see how it works and take part in the excitement of the hunt. We will explain the most important facts about the truffle hunt to you. 

   Truffle hunting

Visit the Pecorino cheese factory in Picinisco

The owners are very welcoming and will explain to you how cheese is made professionally. The cheese factory operates on a small scale and sells its delicious cheese to local markets and wine bars in Rome. The tradition of making this cheese in Picinisco is more than 1000 years old and this family operated factory has taken special care to preserve the traditional techniques and features of the cheese. The unique flavour of the cheese is attributed to the type of feed the animals consume and is very distinct to this area. We provide transportation to the cheese factory, it a 45 min drive.