Italy is all about festivals, people love to eat, sing and dance together and find any excuse to celebrate together. There are lots of beautiful events and festivals in our area. Especially in late spring, summer and autumn there is something interesting going on every week. The festivals are traditional and authentic, so you will feel immersed in the culture. Usually we are up-to-date about the festival calendar and go together with a group of people.

Festival Sora - Italy Country Stay

Here are a few of the most important festivals of the area:

The truffle festival in Campoli Appenino takes place twice a year. At this very famous food happening. The festival offers a lot more than just truffles, which is a local delicacy. There is plenty of free tasting so you can try the local food.


In fall the chestnut festivals in the villages along the Roveto valley are a must. Other popular food festivals in Pescosolido are: festivals featuring wild asparagus, porcini mushroom or homemade pasta. At the lake close to Sora the frog festival takes place in July, where you can be astonished by how many ways frog can be prepared in. And in August the famous Pizza festival takes place in Sora, where all the Pizzerias of the area come together and have a little competition.

Very famous are also the international summer music festivals, that take place in beautiful villages and abbeys. Most of them are completely free of charge. To name a few: The Summer Jazz Festival in Atina, the Blues Festival in Isola del Liri and the Classical Music Festival at the Cistercian Abbey in Casamari.


We can guarantee that you will have a great time in any of those events and that you will be fully-immersed in the Italian culture.

 Pizza Festival - Italy Country Stay